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Welcome and thank you for visiting Funke's Trybal Marks! Shop my collection of ankara and kente cloth/fabric available in many vibrant tribal patterns and motifs. I also have unique hand-made accessories incorporating the signature West African ankara, kente, or coral accents to complement your outfits. Happy shopping!

African Print Cotton Face Masks

Ankara, Kente, African Print, Oh My!

What is Ankara?

Ankara, also known as “Ankara print”, “African print”, ”African wax print” “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”, is 100% cotton fabric. They are printed using wax-resist dying—applying wax to a cloth and then dying over that wax to create a pattern. 

Ankara print designs often portray symbolic elements of the African culture and landscapes.

They are usually in yards of 1, 6, or 12 yards. The fabric company, product, and registration number are often printed on the selvage of the fabric to indicate the quality and as a form of copyright.

Kente fabric from Ghana

What is Kente?

The Kente cloth was first developed by the people of the Ashanti (Asanti) empire, which we know as Ghana today. There are over 350 types of kente patterns, and each color of the kente cloth even has symbolic meanings adapted from the ancient Ashanti tradition and culture.

Check out my Blog postings to learn more about the difference between kente "cloth" and kente "print." Whichever you choose, the kente pattern is probably the most universally recognized of all African fabrics and used as a symbol of African heritage for people all over the world.


Jewelry and other Accessories

There are so many ways to wear your fabric other than in a dress. For example, did you know you can cover shoes, purses, pillows, curtains, etc. using your African print fabric? You can even make jewelry out of them. The possibilities are endless with how you want to rock your fabric. So, think outside the box and get creative! 

Check my Accessories page to get ideas. Almost every accessory we sell is handmade either by myself (the owner), or my network of creatively talented artisans around the globe, including all the way from South Africa!