I've Just Bought My African Fabric, Yay! Now What? (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of "I've Just Bought My African Fabric, Yay! Now What?" In part 1, I highlighted doing the following now that you have your fabric:

  1. Find a design you like
  2. Search high, wide, and low for a good tailor/seamstress
  3. Be prepared for it to take "a while" for your design to be ready
  4. Support your tailor

I had also encouraged you to write in the comments section of the post if you had an awesome tailors/seamstresses you would recommend.

Part 2 is focused on showing you some great women's designs, men's designs, and couples designs to give you some inspiration. Looking for what you can do with just 1 yard of fabric? Well, I've included some pictures for that as well. I would also encourage you to link to pictures in the comments section of designs you like and are maybe dying to get made! Who knows--your next tailor/seamstress could be reading this. Enjoy! 





Designs Made with 1 Yard of Fabric


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