1 Yard - Kente Print

This is my collection of 1 yard kente print fabric, which is 100% cotton fiber. Kente print fabric is more suitable for everyday wear than kente clothNote that since these are cut, there may be a little fraying on the cut ends and there is no guarantee on which part of the "pattern" you will receive.

1 yard = 36,″ which will be the width of the fabric. The length (along the selvage of the fabric) will be 44″– 47″ depending on the brand.

You may receive the cut of the fabric which has the manufacturer's label. To remove labels and any residue from the labels, use a steamer against the back of the fabric (i.e., on the "wrong" side of the fabric).

Depending on your size, there is plenty of designs you can make with just one yard of fabric. Check out this link for ideas.

Please check back often, as I will always be increasing my inventory. Make sure you read my blog post explaining the difference between Kente print and Kente cloth.

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