6 Yards - Kente Print

This is my collection of 6 yards of kente print fabric, which is 100% cotton fiber and is very easy to care for. Machine-wash warm or cold and then tumble dry. Pull straight from the dryer to prevent wrinkles, or iron while damp. I advise you to pre-wash cotton fabrics before cutting out your pattern.

The manufacturer's label is on the "right" side of the fabric. To remove labels and any residue from the labels, use a steamer against the back of the fabric (i.e., on the "wrong" side of the fabric).

Depending on the brand, some of the fabric is slightly translucent, so you may want to insert a lining for increased opacity. Six (6) yards is plenty to make an outfit for men or women (and with some leftover depending on the style).

Please check back often, as I will always be increasing my inventory. Make sure you read my blog post explaining the difference between Kente print and Kente cloth.

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