African Print Face Masks

These protective fashion face masks are made with two layers of beautiful (and breathable) quality African-print cotton fabric. These do not have filters, are not medical-grade masks, and are NOT intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases.

Style A is rectangular, pleated, and uses elastic. Please note that either black or white elastic may be used, based on availability.

Style B is elevated at the nose by using a convex pattern. When solid color fabric is available, this is is used to indicate the in-ward facing side. When solid fabric isn't available and the same fabric is used on both sides, use the side that looks slightly lighter as the inward-facing. 
Style C is rectangular, pleated, and uses the same fabric as ties at the top and bottom. No elastic is used. They measure about 8" wide by 3-4" high, and the ties are about 14" long. 
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