Dashiki (Angelina) Print

This is my collection of dashiki print (also known as Angelina print) fabric. Dashiki print is 45" wide and made of 100% cotton fabric on an unwaxed ground. The unwaxed cotton ground saturates the colors of the Dashiki print and brings the detailed designs to life. 

 The Dashiki print fabric is sold by the panel with each panel measuring approximately 2 yards. This is why it is sold in 2-yard increments. Two yards is enough to make one Dashiki shirt. The 45" wide base allows you to make unisex shirts which comfortably fits most (shirt size measures approximately 36/37" in height and 45" wide). Check out Montoya Moyo's easy DIY tutorial on how to make a Dashiki top. For a maxi skirt, 3 yards will be enough for a slim woman, or 4 yards for a heavier-set woman. This cotton fabric is breathable and perfect for the warm summer months. 

The print also comes in one continuous piece of 6 yards, but these are much more rare. Please check back often as I add to the 6-yard inventory. 
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