Kente Fabric

This is our collection of both Kente print fabric AND Kente cloth. Read my blog post explaining the difference between Kente print and Kente cloth.

Kente print fabric is 100% cotton fiber and is very easy to care for. Note that it tends to either NOT have the wax resin like ankara does, and if there IS wax, it's a light application of the wax. Just like the instructions for ankara fabric, machine-wash warm or cold and then tumble dry. Pull straight from the dryer to prevent wrinkles, or iron while damp. I advise you to pre-wash cotton fabrics before cutting out your pattern. Kente print fabric is more suitable for everyday wear since it's cotton. 

Kente cloth, on the other hand, is normally only worn on special and formal occasions. It is usually woven of cotton, silk, and sometimes gold thread. Either spot clean it or take it to a dry cleaner. Putting it in the washing machine, or even hand-washing it, will make the stitching loosen and ruin the weaving. Authentic kente cloth is produced in narrow 4-5inch wide strips, and depending on length and quality, just one strip usually costs about $25. So, you can imagine how much up to 1 yard of Kente cloth costs, not to speak of 6 yards!

Six (6) yards of kente print is plenty to make an outfit for a woman or top and both for a man. Please check back often, as I will always be increasing my inventory of Kente print, and Kente cloth!

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