Panels - Dashiki Print

This is my collection of dashiki print (also known as Angelina print) fabric. Dashiki print is usually 45" wide and repeats across--usually every 2 yards. It is made of 100% cotton fabric, and can be on waxed or unwaxed ground depending on the manufacturer. 

This page lists Dashiki prints that are sold by the panel. Each panel measures approximately 2 yards. Two yards is enough to make one Dashiki shirt. The 45" wide base allows you to make unisex shirts which comfortably fits most (shirt size measures approximately 36/37" in height and 45" wide). Check out Montoya Moyo's easy DIY tutorial on how to make a Dashiki top. For a maxi skirt, 3 yards will be enough for a slim woman, or 4 yards for a heavier-set woman. This cotton fabric is breathable and perfect for the warm summer months. 

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