Stoles/Sashes - Kente Cloth

This is my collection of Kente cloth stoles/sashes. Read my blog post explaining the difference between Kente print and Kente cloth.

Kente cloth is usually woven of cotton, silk, and sometimes gold thread. Either spot clean it or take it to a dry cleaner. Putting it in the washing machine, or even hand-washing it, will make the stitching loosen and ruin the weaving. Authentic kente cloth is produced in narrow 4-5inch wide strips, and depending on length and quality, just one strip can be very expensive.

PLEASE NOTE: Since these are handmade by humans and not machines, you may see small markings, little bumps, and so on. These are not defects; rather, they add to the authenticity and a reminder that no two pieces are alike. These imperfections are what give the accessories depth and character, its own story, and its own TRYBAL MARKS. Happy shopping!

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