About Me

Pronounced "FOON-KEH," NOT "funk" or "funky"

Yoruba, from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria

 Meaning: "A gift to be cherished/to be pampered"

Hello, and welcome to Funke's Trybal Marks! Funke is my Yoruba name, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. I am very proud of my Nigerian culture and started Funke's Trybal Marks (FTM) as a way to 1) showcase artifacts of my Nigerian culture, and 2) be a platform to support other African artisans across the globe who hand-make cultural artifacts using African fabric.

My motto in life is "be an example of what is possible." I believe that everything we do causes a ripple in not just our own personal lives, but in our family's, our society's, our country's (birth country and adopted country), and our culture. I hope other women--especially, immigrant women--will look at me and be inspired to do more, be more, and find ways to start living their life purpose.

I started FTM in the early Summer of 2018. However, I believe the seed for FTM has long been in me since a young age. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment, having an extremely independent and creative personality, and having a love and deep interest in cultural artifacts, I believe I was bound to start a business such as FTM. Although I am not on Etsy, I love the Etsy"ish" feel of offering unique, handmade, and sometimes hard-to-find items. I love working with my hands creating fun accessories using African fabric. Additionally, I am an advocate of not only helping others discover their talents and passion, but also being an advocate to help those talents shine so others can see. That is why in addition to my own personal hand-made items, I also source from local and international African artisans who make equally unique accessories using African fabric and have FTM as just one of the many platforms for their items to be marketed. 

FTM is my creative outlet from my corporate job. This means I am a one-woman operation. Perhaps with your patronage, support, and "word-of-mouth," you can be a catalyst into turning FTM from this one-woman operation into a global empire!